Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is water4Her going to empower 100,000 women?

    The water4Her campaign has partnered with best-in-class implementing partners to deploy funds that will empower women through clean water and other high-impact program collaborations including:

    • WorldServe International will work in Tanzania to increase water access for 35,000-48,000 people with a focus on improved sanitation and hygiene facilities in households, schools and at health care facilities.
    • Global Grassroots will work in Rwanda to help vulnerable women heal from violence, become self-aware leaders, then design, construct and operate their own non-profit water enterprises. The project will fund and launch 6-8 women-led water enterprises and reach 15,000-25,000 people with safe water access.
    • Mama Maji will work in Kenya to train Shule Maji Mamas (Shule means “school” and Maji means “water” in Swahili) to maintain water infrastructure in 30 schools as a business. The Shule Maji Mamas will vend water and WASH products, providing 25,000-30,000 community members clean water access.
    • World Vision will work with local communities in Uganda to support new water systems to supply water to 9 villages, reaching 25,000 people and 4,500 households, including 12,275 women and girls. World Vision will also support 4,000 women and girls to become strong, empowered household decision makers.
  • Can I direct my donation to a specific water4Her Implementing Partner or country?

    No, all funds donated to water4Her will be pooled into an impact fund that will support the country-level projects for all of our Impact Partners (World Vision, Global Grassroots, Mama Maji and WorldServe International).  At times, water4Her may run specific campaigns to support designated Impact Partners or countries.

  • How do I record my water4Her donation for my tax records?

    water4Her is a program of the Waterboys initiative, the signature initiative of the Chris Long Foundation.

    The Chris Long Foundation is the supporting 501c3 public charity for water4Her and should be recorded for your tax records. The Chris Long Foundation is a public charity and is eligible for donations from donor-advised funds and most employee matching programs.  Donation receipts will be emailed or mailed to everyone donating to water4Her.

    EIN #47-6329563

  • How do I address my check to donate to water4Her?

    All checks should be addressed to The Chris Long Foundation with water4Her on the memo line and mailed to:

    The Chris Long Foundation

    c/o The Moneta Group

    100 S. Brentwood Blvd., Suite 500

    St. Louis, MO 63105

  • How will my contact information be shared?

    By submitting your contact information to water4Her, your contact information will be shared with all founding partner organizations. These include The Chris Long Foundation/Waterboys and Global Water Challenge/women for water for marketing and campaign update purposes only. Your information will never be shared with any other parties other than those listed above and will never be sold.

  • Can I join or start a water4Her Giving Team without donating?

    No, you must make a donation to join or start a water4Her Giving Team.  The suggested donation is at least $25.  If you wish to support our effort and not donate, please sign up for our mailing list here

  • Can I start more than one water4Her Giving Team?

    Yes, you can start multiple water4Her Giving Teams with different team names in the water4Her Hub.

  • How will funds raised by water4Her be allocated between managment and impact costs?

    No more than 20% ($0.20 of every dollar) of funds raised for water4Her will go towards administrative costs such as management, communication and other campaign costs. The rest (minimum 80%) will go directly towards project implementation and impact.

  • How do I cancel a recurring donation or change the amount of a recurring gift?

    You can manage and make updates to your recurring donations in your account by logging in here [insert hyperlink]. If you are having trouble accessing your account or have further questions, please contact

  • What will my responsibilities be when I sign the water4Her Pledge?

    The water4Her pledge includes 5 suggested steps to help the campaign mobilize 100,000 women and enable us to reach our goals:

    1. Commit to understanding the significance of how lack of clean water access is a key barrier to women’s empowerment and share the urgency of our mission with others
    2. Donate at least $25
    3. Start or join a water4Her Giving Team
    4. Participate in the Hike4Her on Saturday, March 20, 2021, in celebration of World Water Day
    5. Take one additional action recommended on the water4Her Hub