We will engage 100,000 women to take the water4Her Pledge to commit to help empower 100,000 women and girls through access to clean water.


The water4Her Movement will empower women and girls, to Live, Learn, Earn, Lead and Thrive with access to clean water.


Today in Africa, women spend millions of hours collecting water that is often unsafe to drink. water4Her projects will give back hours to women, allowing time to be better spent learning, earning, and leading their communities.

water4Her Goals

We are building a community of Athletes, Influencers, Sponsors, Donors, Impact Partners and Women and Girls – to help empower 100,000 East African women and girls.

We will reach this goal by Waterboys and Global Water Challenge deploying their assets and networks to raise funds and awareness and by having 100,000 women take the water4Her Pledge and commit to be a part of the movement. Part of taking the pledge means donating at least $25, to help provide water to one person/help keep a girl in school and getting your friends involved by starting a water4Her Giving Team. By doing this we can help change the lives of 100,000 women and girls in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

We Have a Strong Team

Waterboys is a leading athlete led platform, founded by former NFL football player Chris Long and his wife Megan, to unite athletes and fans around a single mission: provide clean water access to 1 million people.

women for water was founded by Global Water Challenge, a leading water access coalition whose efforts have delivered clean water to over 2 million people across Africa, India, the US and Latin America. women for water focuses on women’s empowerment through water access with a goal to transform 10,000 communities by 2030.

Now, women for water and Waterboys have teamed up to start the water4Her Movement. Led by Megan Long, co-founder of the Chris Long Foundation and former collegiate lacrosse player, this movement will enable women and girls in East Africa to live, learn, earn, lead and thrive through access to clean water.

Why Water?


The Water and Development Alliance’s Ripple Effect Study shows that water uniquely empowers women and girls, which in turn uplifts communities.  By removing barriers to clean water access, women and girls are safer, stronger, healthier, educated, empowered and heard.

Women and girls around the world spend millions of hours collecting water that is often unsafe to drink.  They may stand in line and wait for water, walk long distances and experience harassment. This is time that would be better spent learning, earning and leading their communities.

See how women and girls are uniquely empowered through access to clean water.

Learn More About The Ripple Effect Study Here >


While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact, risk is magnified in communities with vulnerable populations, fragile healthcare systems, and poor water access, sanitation and hygiene.  Deep-rooted gender inequality has resulted in women in low-income countries enduring the worst of COVID-19’s impact.  From added responsibilities for mothers whose children can no longer attend school to increasing domestic violence, the pandemic is rolling back empowerment gains and plunging women back into poverty.

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are linked to improved health, decreased gender-based violence and reduced risk of water-born illnesses.



When women work together they have always overcome great challenges and now, more than ever, we need to unite.

Join the Movement of women who are helping to empower women through access to clean water.


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