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Women in Africa walk 7 miles daily to fetch water. This October we’re challenging you to walk 1 mile in her shoes.

Together, we can deliver clean water to 4,000 women! 

Number of Women Served
Goal: 4,000

Wherever you are in the world, whenever fits your schedule, gather your teammates or friends, load up a backpack, handbag or athletic bag and walk one mile. Because when you walk a mile in her shoes, you empower her to live, learn, earn, lead and thrive.

Our Goals

+ 300 Hikers

+ 4,000 East African women and girls helped


We Hike for Clarisse and the countless women and girls in her shoes:

Clarisse, 18, is the oldest child in her family and a student at Ndera Secondary School and has gone through training with our partner Global Grassroots.

I used to fetch water at a spring down the hill, five-and-a-half kilometers away. In primary school, I had to wake up at 4:00 am to collect one jerrycan of water for my family before I could go to class and I was often late. Today, I am happy we have a water tap in our village. I no longer miss school and I am improving my performance in class. I also have benefited from better hygiene and sanitation. Before, cooking and other household chores took priority so if I used water to shower, I was not allowed to come home to ask for lunch. Things have changed completely. I can fetch three or four jerrycans a day and take a bath when I want, and my three younger sisters can come with me to get even more water because it is so close. My smile means less stress.

Why We Hike

Hike4Her unites women from across the country to bring attention to how water access uniquely empowers women.

Unlike the freedom and autonomy we enjoy just outside our doorstep, women in East Africa walk an average of 3.7 miles a day, carrying 40 lbs vessels of water for their families. Their days and lives are consumed by this backbreaking task – denying them the time and opportunity to pursue education and employment.

This October, we’re asking YOU to STEP OUT, STEP UP, and HIKE4HER.

Hike4Her was designed to empower advocates to get outside and make difference while still safely navigating global pandemic guidelines. Because Hike4Her is a virtual event, participating is easy, safe, and impactful!

For just $25, you can help provide a woman and her family with water. With your help, we’ll provide clean water to 4,000 women, empowering her to live, learn, earn, lead and thrive!

What are you waiting for? Make a plan to Hike4Her by completing one weighted mile before October 17.

How It Works

  1. Register yourself and set up a fundraising page

    Any hiker who raises $100 will receive a Hike4Her shirt to celebrate her participation!

  2. Commit to walking one weighted mile in your neighborhood, at your office building or campus, or at your favorite hiking trail before October 17

    What’s a weighted mile? Fill up your backpack, handbag, or gym bag as heavy as possible with items from around the home to raise awareness about the miles women and girls walk to retrieve water.

  3. Invite your friends, family, and teammates to walk with you (virtually or in-person)
  4. Raise funds so that 4,000 women can receive the gift of clean water


Our 2021 Hikers

Share your story with us

We would love to feature your personal hike4Her experience.

Stories that share your motivation to create impact for women and girl through the hike4Her will inspire others to get involved! 

Share my Story



Here are some ways to consider framing your personal story to be displayed on our website:

  • What motivated you to get involved?
  • Why is the Water4Her mission important to you?
  • How did you feel after completing your hike, benefiting women and girls in Africa?

water4Her Stories

Do you have a story to share?

We would love to feature your personal hike4Her experience.

Together, we share an understanding of the life-limiting challenges women face when they don’t have access to clean water. We’re united in our commitment to empower 100,000 East African women through clean water access.

Today in Africa WOMEN & GIRLS SPEND MILLIONS OF HOURScollecting water that is often unsafe to drink. water4Her projects will give back hours to women, allowing time to be better spent learning, earning and leading their communities.

72% of water collection is the RESPONSIBILITY OF WOMEN & GIRLS. Often resulting in harassment or sexual assault when collecting water from remote sources; accessible clean water improves women’s safety.

Data shows us that access to WATER UNIQUELY EMPOWERS WOMEN, which uplifts communities. By removing the barriers for women’s access to clean water, women and girls are safer, stronger, healthier, educated, employed, and heard.

The Ripple Effect Study

Water and Development Alliance (WADA) partnered with Ipsos and developed Pathways to Empowerment- termed “Ripple Effects”- which links clean water to improving reproductive health, increased income, decreased gender-based violence, and reduced risk of water-borne illness.

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Looking for more information? We’ll frequently update these resources with tools, news and reports. Together we can use this information to help enable women and girls to live, learn, earn, lead and thrive.  

Ripple Effect Study

Water and Development Alliance (WADA) partnered with Ipsos to develop a framework for understanding the many ways improved water, sanitation and hygiene access can impact women, their families and communities. Pathways to Empowerment- termed “Ripple Effects”- were identified, which links clean water to improving reproductive health, increased income, decreased gender-based violence, and reduced risk of water-borne illness.

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Thank You!

Thank you for your commitment to donate at least $25. Your donation goes toward clean water access that can change the lives of women and girls.

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